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Maplestory Blitz - Monster Card Guide

I've just recently started playing Maplestory Blitz, and one of the first things I wanted to know when playing was which cards were useful and worth crafting? I looked online and didn't find much discussion on this so here I am posting my share of findings for any of those who wants to know.

Maplestory Blitz is a PvP Tower Defense game made by Nexon that has just been released to Malaysia so the player base here has just been established.

When you first start out, they'll give you a few cards for free, so it's worth knowing which are actually good cards and which are trap cards (meaning bad and only take up space).

Axe Stump is a good card overall for its cost, not too low like other cards but not that high either. It's important to remember the monster's movement speed is taken into account when balancing the stats but a normal movement speed is ok as well. Use this card so fill your deck if you need low cost monster cards.

Use the Ratz card to fill the 3 mana cost slot if you don't have other better monsters to use. It has a sizeable HP that can survive most waveclear spells and it's quite fast so you can put pressure on the enemy's tower easily with it.

Stone Golem is a great 4 Cost card, it has really good hit points so it can take a few hits and its attack damage is high enough it can really put the pressure on the enemy. Definitely use this card to fill a deck. Stone Golem is also a good card to buff with Elven Grace and other skill cards because of how tanky the monster is.

For late game pressure, Desert Giant is a great 8 Cost card, I'm surprised you actually get this card for free. Plus he takes less damage from enemy monsters, meaning your opponent has to burn through spell cards to get through him. Also makes for a great monster to buff.

The other two cards you get for free are Orange Mushroom and Snail. Both aren't very good, Orange Mushroom is too squishy and doesn't do much damage as well despite being Fast. Snail has the same stats as Axe Stump except his movement speed is Very Slow (which can really bite you in the back if you're playing in Ludibrium). His effect doesn't really have much use since you tend to use 2 cost cards at the beginning of the game. I wouldn't recommend you use these 2 cards but the other ones are fine.

Moving on to Other Cards:

Before you start crafting away, please note that cards that cost less than 4 aren't necessarily worth crafting, especially at this tier level. That being said, if you already have one card and simply want another card for your deck, feel free to use some shards, just don't prioritize low tier cards over higher tier cards.

2 Mana Cost Rare Cards:

Jr. Boogie is a great card to have in the 2 mana cost slot and those stats come with a trade off but 10 HP is nothing in the long run. The monster is fast and has relatively high HP for its cost. If you have spare shards, definitely give this one a shot!

Now I don't like to recommend ranged cards that cannot attack other lanes but Mateon is special because it actually slows down the speed of monsters it attacks. This allows it to get in more hits before the enemy monster actually takes it out.

2 Mana Cost Epic Cards:

The Platoon Chronos has ridiculous stats for its tier and rightfully so, it's actually a 4 cost card, the difference is it takes the other half of its cost when it dies. You can offset this by using up your mana when it is about to die so it doesn't take the additional mana or you can just build up some mana while its on field to offset the loss when it actually dies. A great card to have if you can afford it.

3 Mana Cost Rare Cards:

Has more HP than Ratz plus it slows any monster it attacks allowing you more time to respond to the coming monsters if it gets taken out. Don't spend shards on Big Spider, just know that it is a solid card to fill a deck up when you have it.

Based off of stats alone, Luster Pixie isn't that great of a card, but because it is Ranged AND can attack enemies on different lanes, you can simply summon this card in the middle lane, and it can attack monsters on all lanes. Unless the monster is on the same lane as Luster Pixie, they won't be able to damage it as well. This card isn't worth spending your shards on compared to its better sibling the Lunar Pixie, but if you have one and just want to have another 50 shards is ok, just don't spend 100 shards on it.

Conceal really makes the Wraith a formidable card, while its stats are quite normal for a 3 cost card, the fact that it has to attack a monster or get damaged by a spell to be revealed to your opponent allows you to make tricky plays.

Lioner, with its base stats make it a really good card. The problem is you lose attack damage for every enemy monster on field. A tricky card to deal with for both you and the enemy but you can really make good plays if you do it well.

3 Mana Cost Epic Cards:

Dark Axe Stump's stats are normal for a 3 mana cost card, but the simple fact each attack could deal 12 damage is what makes it a good card to have!

4 Cost Rare Cards:

Here's where cards start to get good, but you should definitely start crafting cards for 7-8 cost monsters before spending it on this tier.

I explained it in Luster Pixie's section, and I'll just add that Lunar Pixie is a great card to start crafting.

I don't generally like cards that are Very Slow, but Mossy Snail's stats allow it to be used for more defensive purposes, it has a good amount of damage and health to start with and it buffs a random ally as well. Use it in decks that need this interaction, if not just stick to Stone Golem which is much better overall.

4 Mana Cost Epic Cards:

Master Chronos is a better version of Platoon Chronos, a 7 mana cost card in the 4 mana cost tier, if you can craft this monster, definitely do so!

The Grizzly card fits really well in buff decks, and the damage bonus is a really good amount you can exploit.

Angry Moon Bunny is great for those decks that have very little single target damage, just summon this monster when you have a 7 or 8 tier monster charging down your lane. The stats are subpar but that's not what you'll use it for. ;)

Mr. Bouffon and Panda are also worth a mention, if you have them lying around, they make great additions to a deck!

5 Cost Rare Cards:

The 5 cost tier is a weird one, while you get some good cards here, it is definitely better to just wait for more mana to summon 7 or 8 cost cards. It's better to have cards with costs of 2-4 and then cards with 7-8 MP costs. There aren't rare cards in at this cost I'd recommend either so skipping ahead.

5 Cost Epic Cards:

King Clang, Star Pixie, Ginseng Jar and Wooden Mask are great cards for consideration.

6 Cost Cards:

At higher tiers, there are fewer cards and some tiers don't have Rare Cards, this tier is one of them.

The Fire Golem has high attack and HP, plus it reflects damage back =D

You need a bit of strategy to make this card work, but when it does, the Corrupted Kentaurus just wrecks your enemy's tower.

Papa Pixie for all the reasons of the other Pixies plus the damage bonus plus the reduced card cost!

One other notable mention is Griffey.

7 and Higher Mana Cost Cards:

The Buffoon is a lesser version of the better Deep Buffoon, but its still a solid card if you don't have the shards for more expensive cards, he also reduces the cooldown of your hero skill so you can really get aggressive with him on the field.

You should really invest in Dinodon cards, when you play this monster, usually the enemy will panic and summon monsters to deal with it, making full use of its effect. This card is pure evil and should definitely be prioritized if you can.

7 tier cards and higher are no joke and generally come with really good effects, these two were chosen because of the cheap crafting cost of the Buffoon and the effect of the Dinodon.

I've already explained the Deep Buffoon above.

Wow, those were a lot of cards, I really hope this guide helps and if it does, feel free to let me know in the comments below!

Have fun and start crafting those cards!!! =D

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Demon Slayer
Monsters (You're reading this one)

Maplestory Blitz - Hero and Card Guides (Mercedes)

Maplestory Blitz is this new mobile game, available on iOS and Android, made by Nexon that has been recently released to Malaysia, and seeing as though I can't find anything about recommended cards and Hero guides online, I've decided to do one myself. Gotta get something in there, know what I'm sayin'? I wanted to do a proper walkthrough of this game, but that would take longer a time, since I have to take screenshots and such, plus I really wanted to post this to help anyone out there because there are a few things you have to kinda learn as you get into the game. So in this post, I'll cover my findings on the various heroes and cards I've been able to test and my overall experience in the game. I'll do a proper walkthrough after this.

So if you're wondering how this game plays, its like Plant VS Zombies meets Hearthstone, that's the simplest way I can think of to describe it. It uses a card based system of summoning monsters and using skills and you're playing against another player in a game of tower defense. You can summon Monsters that will walk down the lane and attack anything in the path, the opponent can also do the same. All this happens in real time, so you really have to watch the game constantly, it isn't turn based. You can select one out of 5 heroes to play as for every game and the hero you select will determine your Hero Power and Skills available to use in the match, hence the "like Hearthstone" part. You can use these skills to defeat the opponent's monsters so that your monsters can attack the tower and so on. So here are the Heroes and my findings on them:

Mercedes is the first hero you're introduced to and rightfully so, she's one of the most well-rounded heroes in the roster and the easiest to understand. If you've played Hearthstone, she's very much like the Mage-Class. Most of her skills are very straight-forward and have very simple, yet useful effects.

Hero Powers:

You can access 3 different types of Hero Powers, the first unlocked instantly for you, the next unlocked at Level 4 and the last at Level 8.

Her first hero power is Swift Dual Shot:

A solid hero power, the finesse comes with its second effect, which, if timed properly can help you clean up fights. You can continue using this power even in the higher levels, having an ability that deals damage is useful in any fight.

Second hero power is Potential Power:

This hero power needs a little bit more planning, but really shines with monsters that gain bonuses when you increase their attack or HP. A good example is the Grizzly, which gains 3 attack every time you increase its HP, meaning the card always gets the attack bonus when you use it with this power.

Her third hero power is Sharp Aim:

This hero power can be good or bad depending on the deck you're using. It can possibly deal more damage than Swift Dual Shot but you'll have to wait a while for it to reach full effectiveness. However, due to the fast paced nature of the game, you should probably stick to Swift Dual Shot, 9 times out of 10.

Hero Specific Skill Cards:

When you first start off with Mercedes, you get 3 different skill cards and one monster card unique to your character.

The Bubbling is a good card overall, its stats aren't bad for the cost and the effect helps relieve lane pressure, definitely viable in any one of your Mercedes Decks.

Stunning Strikes does amazing single target, plus it stuns the target so it's best used when your monster is about to attack the enemy monster, you get to deal damage without worrying out your monster dying. All this from a 3 MP Cost card, use it in every deck and never leave home without it.

This card is quite optional, although it can synergize with any deck, it really shines when used properly. Use Elven Grace to buff your high level monsters and suddenly it becomes very hard to deal with that tank attacking your core. You have to make sure you get the most out of this card due to that 4 MP Cost which can set you back if you use it recklessly. Plus this card is easily countered by Oz and Phantom.

This is a really good card. Rolling Moonsault not only does higher damage than most other cards, it also stuns them after the monsters are hit so you can get so much out of this card. The MP Cost is appropriate and you can usually hit 1 monster in two lanes.

Monster clearing cards are the most useful and they can fit in any deck, so start off your Mercedes Deck with 3 Rolling Moonsaults and 3 Stunning Strikes. The other 2 cards are quite good so if you're looking for filler cards, they are good options.

I went poking around her other skill cards to see if any are useful enough. I'll start off with RARE Cards then move on to the EPIC Cards. Since I've been playing this game for free, I haven't been able to test rarer cards, but you can already achieve so much with RARE Cards and some EPIC Cards.

Worthwhile Rare Cards:

Spikes Royale will add to your waveclear while letting you save your Rolling Moonsaults for stronger enemies. 5 MP is quite high but it lowers the cost of all the other cards in your hand by 1 so it more than makes up for the cost. You only need 2 of the same card at any time, so you only need 100 Shards to make these. Just extract a LEGENDARY Card to get 900 shards, which should more than enough allow you craft all the rare cards you need.

Ancient Warding is an excellent card to use if you have a lot of monsters on field. Plus the area of effect can hit all 3 lanes if done properly. Given the fact that most spell cards deal around 20 damage, you're basically ensuring your monsters can survive one waveclear spell, forcing your opponent to burn more cards to deal with them.

Ignis Roar is not as useful as Ancient Warding, but for its MP Cost, it's good enough to nudge you to a quick victory with proper use. I wouldn't prioritize this card if you have limited shards but it's a good one to consider if you're looking to round off a deck. The area of effect is smaller than Ancient Warding so you'll only manage to buff monsters on 2 lanes, so keep that in mind.

Worthwhile Epic Cards:

Return to Elluel immediately returns one enemy monster that you target back into his deck. It's extremely useful of getting rid of high cost monster cards. You're basically making them waste the MP they've spent summoning that monster. Just be careful not to send a monster back when they have low health. I wouldn't call this card necessary to have but it's excellent in tough situations so if you have shards to spare, definitely consider this card.

Piercing Storm was one of those cards I managed to get from opening card packs and I must say that there were some situations where it really shined. Costing a measly 3 MP, you can hit monsters on all 3 lanes thanks to its unique targeting. You basically pick a path on the screen towards a direction and the arrow will fly from edge to edge, hitting any monster in its path. Not necessary but allows you to save Stunning Strikes and Rolling Moonsault for more pressing situations.

Rising Rush is a card I haven't been able to craft yet but just by reading its effect, I think I would have preferred it to Piercing Storm. The knockback is certainly useful when the monsters are attacking your core and it changes your hero power so you can get more use out of the card by using your Hero Power first then having it reset your Hero Power's cooldown!

I've read through the Hero Guides posted by the Admin in Maplestory Blitz and in all decks, the number of skill cards are 14. So that is a good number to start with, I tried it out and you really maximize the amount of monsters you can deal with without losing your own. My deck uses 3 Rolling Moonsaults, 3 Stunning Strikes, 2 Piercing Storms, 2 Return to Elluels, 2 Spikes Royales and 2 Ancient Wardings. The Admin posted decks to start out with but those involved Epic Cards and not everyone has the luck to craft those, so I thought I'd give you a step-by-step guide on which cards to look at first and slowly work yourself towards making that perfect deck~! Hope this helps. =D

I originally intended to post about all the classes here but seeing how long this one is, I'll just split them up into separate posts.

Have fun playing as Mercedes!!!

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Heroes of the Storm - Drafting Guide: Sustained Damage Dealers

During my first few weeks into Heroes of the Storm, the first thing I picked up on was the importance of damage in any game of HotS, and to some degree, it's kinda true. Damage is the source of most interactions you have in HotS, you need to push lanes, take down towers, defeat and capture mercenary camps , push back objectives or even benefiting off of objectives. And that all excludes hero interactions, a healer is only useful if there's damage to heal in the first place, and damage mitigation is only needed when incoming damage is kept in mind. Damage was such a crucial breakthrough for me that, for a time, the only advice I would give to newcomers regarding talents were, "When in doubt, go for damage!". Because regardless of the situation, you can always find a way to put extra damage to good use, as I mentioned earlier. Although this is still true sometimes, and please note I've only just gotten into heroes at the time, I overlooked hero roles and other key aspects like maps, globals and objectives.

But it does make a good starting point, in any draft you should always have a Sustained Damage Dealer or Sustained DPS, because no matter what draft you have, you can't do anything without enough damage output and if you don't know what that means, keep reading and if you're unfamiliar with Hero Classes and Roles, go read my post about that here.

Valla, AKA the Queen of Sustained Damage

A Sustained Damage Dealer is a hero that can constantly dish out damage, which differs from a Burst Damage Dealer, which deals a large amount of damage in waves and not constantly, there are delays between each instance of damage. 

A good rule of thumb is a Sustained DPS hero must be ranged so that you can safely deal damage from a distance and must have high attack damage or attack speed. They're mostly from the Assassin Class but that's a bit of a grey area.

Here's a list of some Sustained Damage Dealers in HotS:

- Valla ( at the time of this post, the BEST Sustained DPS)
- Greymane
- Falstad
- Zul'jin
- Gul'dan
- Tracer
- Lunara
- Raynor
- Cassia
- Tychus

Valla, Greymane and Falstad are top picks for the Sustained DPS role because of the fact they have great sustained damage but at the same time are capable of dealing significant burst damage when needed. Gul'dan is the only mage class Assassin that can be considered a Sustained DPS hero so if you like mages, try Gul'dan out! Valla and Raynor cost 2000 gold in the shop and are good purchases if you're just starting out in Heroes of the Storm. Tychus and Cassia are the least favoured because of their shorter attack range although both have unique skillsets when needed. Tychus can easily melt heroes with high health because he can deal damage based on a percent of the enemy's health while Cassia is exceptionally tanky against physical damage.

Ok, so now how do you play a Sustained DPS Hero?

One of the skills you have to learn with this type of hero is the Stutter Step, look it up on YouTube for a clearer example, but to put it simply, it's the ability to move between attacks. This allows you to reposition your hero, whilst attacking a nearby target. This ensures you have a steady stream of damage being dealt to the enemy even though you need to retreat or engage. Tracer can attack while moving so this doesn't really apply to her, but you need to make sure your attacks target the right enemy while you're vigorously clicking.

Isn't it annoying seeing her attack non-stop? Yeah, be that Tracer!!

Another thing you have to keep in mind is that, your damage is completely free, meaning if you're not attacking whenever you can, then you're missing out on precious damage that could have decided the teamfight. And by this I'm not asking you to charge head on into the enemy, a Sustained DPS should be placed between the frontline and the support backline, ready to step forward to get some damage out, and then retreating behind the Main Tank and Bruiser back to safety. Lunara is a hero that benefits a lot from poking (dealing damage constantly in small opportunities) her enemies because of her poison. So you're actually making it really hard for the enemy team's healer to keep up with your damage.

The Queen of Poke, IMHO

Sustained DPS Heroes should never let the enemy's engages and initiates be uncontested. Whenever a tank hero tries to charge in or a support is left out of position, it is your civic duty to attack that hero. This equates to more damage their healer has to heal back up leading to using up more mana which causes two things to happen, the hero takes too much damage and has to return to base or their healer runs out of mana. Both grant you a significant numbers advantage, given the fact that one hero is missing from the fight which is what can lead to you winning a decisive battle that can win you the game. With this in mind, the DPS Hero should always prioritize taking out a Support Hero or DPS Hero over the Warriors but should not pass the opportunity to damage the Warrior as well if there aren't any other nearby targets.

Warrior? Support? Assassin? Which ONE?! You'll get the hang of it ;)

Last but not least, your presence is required if your team is taking Boss Camps or contesting objectives. Especially those times where there are Garden Terrors, Dragon Knights, Spider Queens or Zergs attacking your base. Your damage is your worth so if you can't deal damage, you're worthless.

Brutal, I know, BUT TRUE!!!

But out of the 3 Main Classes needed in every draft, the Sustained Damage role is the easiest, so just practice and make sure you're never alone when engaging or treading into unknown territory.

Have fun and kill those heroes with your SUSTAINED DPS!!!

Reminiscing and Graduation

Finally, after 4 (and a half) years, I'm done with my Architecture Degree~ And though it was really tough, like seriously, if you dunno what to take and you're a person that hates working constantly, don't take architecture... I've got to hand it to my friends for helping me get through it, so to repay them, I'm going to post dumb photos I managed to capture of my friends in this post. Because that's how you repay friends, especially close ones, you post dumb photos of them, all conveniently in one post, online, ready for blackmail in the near future. But I love them so they'll forgive me even though I literally labeled the album "Dumb Photos of Friends" (right guys?). Let the shaming commence!

Semester 3:

Some of the few photos I have of my old studiomates, we were doing our assignment for Engineering Survey, where we learned about Land Surveying and Geomatics.

There's Aiman, and we're at the jetty waiting to go on to boat to explore the river and see the eagles feeding and rock formations.

This is us on the boat doing the thing I said we were going to do.

My friends on the other boat and we were acting like we were racing to see who's first even though we weren't the ones driving the boat.

We went to Kilim Geoforest Park in Langkawi then Datai but I dunno where the other photos are =(

Semester 4:

Because our project was based around Tea, our lecturer brought us to a Tea House in KL so inquire about tea and methods of preparation.

Yeah, we sat down anywhere we could and acted like we owned the place but we didn't buy anything because it was expensive, haha

And there's Aiman again!

Because it was Tea, of course, for our studio trip we HAD to go to Cameron Highlands to the BOH Tea Plantation, there's Coet looking all deep and stuff gazing into the landscape.

We wanted to capture experiences, hence, sketching and taking photographs

I just got a new camera before this semester, hence the selfie with Syafiq and Ain

... and Azim Malik

Dell and Farah doing I'm not so sure what anymore

Ain with her photogenic scarf demonstrating the difficulty in navigating the hilly terrain, and workers climb this plantation everyday!

When night came, we planned to do a barbeque but since it took a while to cook, we ended up posing and taking photos, the lighting and the smoking made everyone look extra bad***

The next day we went to visit the BOH Tea Plantation, they had a factory, a walk through the history of BOH and a tea house (which was what we were gonna design). Andy, Rose, Faris, Ain and Jimmy all wanted to be in the shot.

I asked everyone if I had to bring a sketchbook, they all said no, so I didn't bring a sketchbook, then what happens? They all take out sketchbooks and draw.

Our third and last day in Cameron, we visited a park which names escapes me and I was taking pictures of the flowers when these three came along.

I thought this was embarrassing photos of friends but oh well.

When all was said and done, we displayed our work, and I wanted to take a photo of it, at least that's what I wanted to do, then these two came along, hahahaha.

Yasmin intended to take a "sleeping duck face" photo and I wanted to document the photo taking process, hence, this photo.

When I had free time or wanted to ask for extra advice, I'd come to meet these cool people, there's Nurin, the only one invested in the photo taking.

This was taken near the end of my 4th semester, I was lying on the bed resting before packing my things when my stuff fell on my face, so what do you do? Take a picture.

Semester 5:

For Semester 5, we went to Pangkor for our project which was a Tourist Information Center.

Boat ride pic with Zarith Lisa caught on camera.

We wanted a bite to eat so a camera magically appeared and we casually all looked at the camera at the same time and someone happened to press the shutter button (yeah, that's exactly what happened)

It was a 30 minute boat ride, and everyone wanted a picture of them at the edge of the boat so I had to take a snap ;)

Including yours truly =D

When we finally reached our chalet, we went for a walk along the beach and found a tree with hammocks.

Not a bad way to watch the sunset, I might add.

Semester 7:

Semester 6 was when I went for industrial training so I there weren't many photos of the different places I went, for Semester 7 we went to Kuching, so there's bound to be some photos of that!

We were out and about doing our site study and I wanted to take a photo and Yasmin's like "Curse you!" and Dell's like "I don't care..."

To get from the waterfront to Kampung Gersik, we took a boat to ferry us across the river (which was the quickest way)

The next day, we went to the Cultural Village, and Aiman told me her love of Skittles, because that's totally related to culture and we're always gonna be able to go to the Cultural Village but we'll only get Skittles in Sarawak #priorities

Obligatory selfie on the traditional Iban Kampung House balcony.

Coet and Hanis ready for a quick photoshoot.

Syafiq and Nik on the bus so I took a picture because why not?

During our free time, we went for walks along the waterfront, so I took a photo of Lisa and Wani while I was at it.

Back in our faculty in Puncak Alam, when you let your friend look at your phone and they decide to test the front camera.

Syafiq was lying down on the floor because that's what you do when you have nothing even though your work is piling up so I was like, "Let's eternalize this image!"

Man a lot happened during my 7th Semester, we went to visit Tasblock for our Construction Technology Course and it was 12 noon so everyone was hogging the shade provided by that wall.

Close up to what you might have seen if you looked real close, I appreciate our friendship Nikky, just throwing it out there, for no apparent reason.

Ain and Coet were "matchy matchy" so *snap*

The three of us went out from afternoon to night, from Sunway to Ikea just to release stress from our workload. Sunway happened to have Lego versions of characters to rest our hands on.

Me trying to contain my joy from seeing all the food at Ikea

Because I went out the whole day, when I came back my car was clamped for parking in the student parking... yeap, it's illegal. So my friends had to send me all the way to my dorm on top of driving all the way back to their house at 11pm at night.

The next day, all of us waiting for our cars to be unclamped.

Our other trip to Ikea, Coet and Ajay thought wearing fur rugs passed as wearing fur coats.

I was in my 7th Semester, they were in their 8th so I wouldn't be able to see them again next semester =(   Lisa, Anna, Sam and Darrell

Miss you guys!!!

Farah forcing people to take ice cream because we had already bought a bunch and didn't want it to go to waste.

The mascots for our event, (from the left) Khalid, Ain, Coet and Farah

Semester 7 was probably my favourite semester, it was great meeting everyone again after our one semester apart.

Semester 8:

Semester 8 was more grounded, we didn't go anywhere far for our field trips because the lecturer wanted us to make frequent visits to our site, so it had to be somewhere easily accessible. The furthest we ventured was Putrajaya. Farah and Alia on the rooftop.

This University building had a green roof so we all took the opportunity to take pictures. Aishah and Nurin.

Around this time was Ramadhan, the fasting month so this was one of our Sahur (meal before the fast) sessions before the day. Nik, Syafiq and Khalid in the shot.

Semester 8 was a tough one, so after our Crit Session, Jimmy decided to take a nap, under the table.

To celebrate Aniq's birthday, we gathered at Domino's before he arrived, and because it took a while, I took photos, Dell doesn't care, Farah has strong feelings, Syafiq's talking to Nik and Jimmy's just staring at me... Dunno why tho.


Then, 1 year later, after all that happened, I would go back to Shah Alam for my graduation.

I managed to take a photo before we entered the hall, although a bit blurry. Me, Hanis and Yan

I went to grab my parents so my mum took this picture after.

And.... the photo shoot I missed, but I don't care, as long as I have a picture of you guys to remember and look back on whenever I feel like it, without you guys, I dunno if I'd ever survive those 4 years. Thanks guys!! And we should totally hang out whenever I go to KL! =D

That's all and have fun with your friends! You'll never know when you'll get to see them again!!!